Dan Trimble

Explorer. Photographer. Policy & international affairs geek. Coast Guard Reserve officer. Writer. Husband. Tea drinker.

By day, I research, write, and advise governments and businesses on global risks. But by night and weekend, I'm hitting the road with my gear because  'the mountains are calling, and I must go.'

My photographic passion is landscapes, unique locations off the normal path, and space/astrophotography. Unlike my young kids, landscapes don't move on me and I can take my time with each shot! But moreoverr, the environments we find ourselves in are as varied as the cities or fields in which we work, the oceans we sail, the caves we crawl, or the mountains we trek. The environment all around us is the backdrop and context for our time in this world. It is a place from which we seek inspiration or solace, and a place that itself seems to speak to each of us privately, yet universally tying us all to a common heritage and purpose.

Some of my work has been published, and other pieces enjoyed by thousands online. Some images may highlight the science or technical complexity of geography or geology (or one of the other 'ologies, 'ographies, or 'onomies) because, well, I'm a geek at heart. Others are more emotive or inspired, attempting to capture the uniqueness or beauty in a moment of life.

If you have any questions or just wish to say hello anytime, please contact me with the link to the left.

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